Why Innovation?
Innovation, or creating new value, is a key driver to success in today's business climate. Sustained innovation is key to sustained success. An Innovation Architecture identifies key elements of activity which are powerful drivers of sustained creativity and innovation, and brings creative order to the innovation process. While not every element may be needed for every innovation, much innovation potential is squandered in environments with often-excluded elements such as Infrastructure, Invitation, and Celebration.

Why Passion?
Each organization and individual has unique experiences, interests and drives; each possesses an inner well of creativity. Encouraging these is key to achieving energetic engagement, high performance and effective innovation. Artful Professional practices help you develop your connection to these and other key sources.

Why Culture?
Culture is the foundation of collective behavior and meaning, and is created by repeated conscious and unconscious structures and practices. Organizational culture defines what is invited, valued, expected and allowed to happen within an organization. Working-Arts®' Innovation Architecture and Artful Professional approaches help you to consciously and creatively define your unique organizational culture regarding innovation and passion.

Why Working-Arts®?
Sue Lebeck, Working-Arts' founder and principal consultant, is uniquely able to partner with you in your innovation systems development.   A creativity teacher and expressive arts consultant, Sue understands the human process of creativity and the elements needed to support it.   A program manager and software architect, Sue understands the power of well-designed frameworks and procedures to build and evolve effective systems.  With Working-Arts, you can create an innovation system in any area or level of your organization – a system which will invite and support innovative thought and action.


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