Working-Arts ®
is a unique professional resource, invaluable to leaders who wish to develop a culture of innovation and passion within their organizations: CEOs, Creativity Directors, and innovation leaders in Organizational Development, Product Development and Marketing.

Working-Arts assists you in developing a culture of innovation by helping you design and implement an
Innovation Architecture for any level of your organization. Architectures provide creative yet orderly frameworks for building rich and adaptable environments. Your Innovation Architecture will reflect the existing innovation-building structures and practices in your organization, and create a powerful framework upon which to build, expand, add to and manage these innovation elements.

Working-Arts assists you in developing a culture of passion by offering creative practices designed for the
Artful Professional -- those individuals and workgroups at every level of your organization who wish to bring greater creativity and effectiveness to their work. Artful Professional practices work by making connections between relevant external elements – market demands, projects, problems and products -- and relevant internal elements – motivations, relationships, observations and creative visions.

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