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Discovery and Design

A collaborative design process begins with an Appreciative Inquiry, used to gather information on current innovation-building structures and practices in your organization.

Next, a generalized Innovation Architecture model is offered to inform your customized architecture. Your customized architecture is designed to align with your organization’s experience, values and culture, and to create a larger innovation framework upon which to expand.


A collaborative implementation process realizes your Innovation Architecture design, beginning with your currently effective structures and best practices. Together we will co-design new innovation-building structures, procedures and practices using internal design input, Working-Arts® models and services, and creative services from other sources

ARTFUL PROFESSIONAL Practice Development

Training and Practice-Development Workshops

Training and on-going practice-development workshops, aimed at individuals or workgroups, to teach and support Artful Professional models, practices, and applications. For more information,
see The Artful Professional

Facilitation and Consultation

Facilitation and consultation aimed at solving specific workplace problems, informing planning and design tasks, energizing project milestones, or addressing particular needs. Offered on an individual, interpersonal, or workgroup basis.


Mini-Studios and Mini-Galleries

Supply and instruction stations for self-led Artful Professional practices.

Rotating exhibits of affordable and employee-loaned visual art into your workspaces, designed to support and inspire current project activity.

Resource Centers

In-house centers which serve as hubs for creative exploration.For more information,
see Resource Centers


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