Sue Lebeck, M.S.,M.A., is Founder and Principal Consultant for Working-Arts.  A program manager and software architect, Sue understands the power of well-designed frameworks and procedures to build and evolve effective systems. A creativity teacher and expressive arts consultant, Sue understands the human process of creativity and the elements needed to support it.   An interdisciplinary thinker, Sue brings these perspectives together in Working-Arts.

Working-Arts® programs are inspired and informed by Sue's educational and professional background in the sciences and the arts.  Sue holds graduate degrees in computer science and also in clinical psychology and creative expression. Her career includes nearly fifteen years in networking communications infrastructure design and development, technology leadership and program management, and over five years in expressive arts program development, education and counseling.

Sue served on the teaching team in the Creative Expression graduate program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (www.itp.edu), is an instructor in Stanford University's Training and OD department (www.stanford.edu), and is an arts facilitator for Dreamfish (www.dreamfish.org). She presents and exhibits with the South Bay Organizational Development Network (www.sbodn.com), and co-designs creative spaces for the national Organizational Development Network (www.odnetwork.org).  Sue also serves on the Board of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (www.ieata.org).

Affiliate Working-Arts® Consultants
Sue brings in trusted members from her professional network to assist with Working-Arts® projects as needed. These include colleagues from organizational development, management consulting, the expressive arts, clinical psychology, and other professions.

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