The Artful Professional
is a set of programs for executives, managers and other professionals who wish to bring greater creativity and effectiveness to their work – improving individual and group performance, personal and customer satisfaction, and business results.

The Artful Professional programs
are results-oriented– addressing real professional challenges while teaching creative practices and building leadership competencies. The programs teach and facilitate these models, practices, and professional applications:

Elements of Innovation; Sources of Innovation; Dimensions of Innovation; Creative Inquiry; From Conflict to Creativity

Conversations with Art; Character Caucus; Ask Art; Story at Work; Picture It; Dialogue; Pictures to Poetry

Professional Applications
Problem-Solving; Decision-Making; Process Improvement; Conflict Resolution

Project Management; Team-Building; Visualizing Success; Finding your Passions; Creating Team Alignment; Connecting with Staff; Manager-Employee Relationships; Reporting your Story

Exploring Innovation Dimensions; Product/Service Design; Message Development; Connecting with the Customer

Custom applications for your particular needs

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